MAAE ‘Close To The Ground’

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baffo1Artist: MAAE
Title: Close To The Ground
Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #: ANT070
Release Date: 16-11-2015
Private Mode
Close To The Ground

Analytic comes back with a new figure in the family, label boss Markantonio brought directly from Spain Maae. The Spanish producer is born and raised in the Barcelona techno scene, he began his Dj Career in 2000 until 2010 when he started his own label Metodiq. Today he continues his collaborations and productions on different labels like MB Elektronics, Rhythm Converted, Driving Forces, !Organism and many more. Now is the time for Analytictrail and Maae took to Neapolitan label a fresh EP called “Close To Ground” that includes four original tracks.

“Resolution” has a pumped kick and dark bass, the listener can be dropped in a timeless journey driven by the Chicago’s Techno school chords.

“Private Mode” is the right mix of classic Techno track with rounding deep bass and strong kick fused with house vocal melodies from 90’s.

“Close to the ground” is the namesake track of the EP and is a classic underground straight Techno track made by old school chords, heavy bassline and distorted nasty kick.

“Klon” is a Techno spacey bouncing track, made by a plastic groove surrounded by synth bells and Detroit style’s chords.

For sure another top quality work released by one of the most representative labels in the music industry and produced by a very good musician that deserves respect of all Techno lovers out there.


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