MAAE ‘Finger Crossed’

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unrilis026Artist: MAAE
Title: Finger Crossed
Label: Unrilis
Cat. #: UNRILIS026
Release Date: 21-10-2016
Fingers Crossed
Always Could Be Bad
Push The Mode

Unrilis and MAAE are proud to announce the EP collection “Fingers Crossed,” bringing together three brand new tracks that testify to a career that has blossomed since 2000. MAAE first started spinning in Girona/Barcelona, and after earning a solid base of skills as a producer from 2008 on, the name MAAE premiered in 2012. MAAE has since earned staying power in the techno scene in Spain, spinning sounds that can be intimate and dark at times, but always brave all kinds of boundaries to deliver new takes on new and old sounds that are sure to engage with generations of electronic enthusiasts both young and old.

Fingers Crossed – Quick beats start at a run with some wild chattering effects, making for an intriguing mix that only gets more exciting as the song progresses. Hollow wood-wind sounds act as a sort of guide throughout the track, firing away into a sky-high drone before settling down, then climbing up again for a welcome surprise, threading a needle that captivates listeners in a way that is sure to keep them along for the ride throughout.

Always Could Be Bad – The thrum of the intro’s ground-shaking bass comes on like a cool embrace, laying the groundwork for a pleasure on the ears as the instrumentals rise into an electronic lover’s dream. Minimal and more mainstream-inspired beats marry well on this track, scaling up with claps and juicy, deep rhythms in a union that has something for everybody to love.

Push the Mode – Female and male vocals weave through each other in a spectacular harmony, becoming an instrument unto themselves as the background launches into some truly wonderful madness. Old school tech samples pay just the right amount of homage while the peaks climb into some hauntingly beautiful territory, marking a high point in the artist’s creative.


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