Man From Tomorrow DVD + CD

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Largely regarded as one of the techno music’s most innovative DJ Producer in the world, Jeff Mills has partnered with the French filmmaker Jacqueline Caux to create a portrait film of him and his immense perception on the future. With his spectacular poetic sound and Caux’s invasive cinematic imagery, this film is really the first of its kind.


Starring Jeff Mills

Directed by Jacqueline Caux, Music by Jeff Mills (2014)

Release date: November 24, 2014

“Understanding what Man From Tomorrow could possibly mean and say to others, we greatly discussed the ways of how we could go about materializing this in a manner that detaches the subject away from normality. We wanted to show what deep thoughts, dream escapes and unconventional expressions of our future could look, sound and

feel like through ever-expanding and dimensional lens of Techno”. – Jeff Mills

“Some time ago, Jeff Mills asked me to make a film with him. Before anything else, and even though I knew his music for two decades, it was first necessary to have a series of conversations with him in order to better identify the subjects that inspired and motivated him the most, as well as his questions and preoccupations. These conversations were even more important because, from the very beginning, we wanted to make a film that would have a certain aesthetic quality, something more than just a portrait in the strictest sense. Consequently, I wanted to be able to imagine images that would be inspired as much by his words as his music. We also agreed to only use images that wouldn’t identify the actual locations – place and time – in which we were in. This film is a playful and visual journey intended to lead us through the music of Jeff Mills in a different way. The first part of the film is entirely without words; through a combination of music and images, it is left up to viewer’s imagination and personal projections to create meaning. It was my desire that music would replace words, in this part of the film, so that the viewer could “penetrate” into the sound.

In the second part, I used few voice-over excerpts of conversations I recorded with Jeff. These remarks clearly show his interest in the outcome of mankind, the future and his preoccupations with travel in space and time. These are the topics that nourish his imagination when he composes music. These propositions may seem to us now to come from a world of fantasy; however, they will most certainly become realities accessible to mankind, and may even become necessary for the survival of humanity.

In this film, light is an important factor – just like it is an important element of our world – as are the shadows that dematerialize the characters in the film. These aesthetically unconventional images follow no set of rules and do not impose any specific narrative. Above all, I wanted to give free reign to the viewer’s subjective impressions, and physical sensations, in this film.

Depending on the rushes I showed him after the shooting, Jeff Mills proposed original unpublished music. In the music of Jeff Mills, there are often elements that seem to hold back time, since the same sound-image can reoccur in such a way as to make in possible to distinguish all its facets. The sound’s lively force, along with these moving images in space, produce hypnotic effects on the listener/viewer. In a way, this is a portrait of the action that these sounds have on our perceptions, which the images in this film seek to match, or even reinforce…”

– Jacqueline Caux

Since its debut at the auditorium of Le Louvre in February 2014, the film has been shown at major cities such as London, Berlin, Tokyo and Milan and enjoyed extremely positive feedback from media and audience.

This is much expected DVD release of the first film Jeff Mills has been featured with all his music.

Format: DVD + CD in Digipak DVD size case Catalog Number: AXDV-003

Label: Axis

DVD Contents:

“Man From Tomorrow” feature film (documentary/ 2014/40min) (English with subtitle options for French/ Japanese)

Trailer link:


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