MANIK “Undergroundknowledge”

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MANIK’s forthcoming album “Undergroundknowledge” brings back to the typical U.S.A. based styles, which influenced in the past years house and deep house.
The beginning and final tracks are calm and mental, but the middle ones like “Devils Dance” or “Restart” are catchy and aggressive than the others: acid basslines and fat drums play a big role and definitely make a huge impact.

Ovum Recordings – October 20th 2017
1. 7 train (Intro)
2. Live Jam
3. That Hustle
4. Bodega Dreams
5. Metropolitan Ave
6. APT 3D1
7. Devils Dance
8. Restart
9. Gentrification
10. PS.99 (Interlude)
11. People of Rhythm
12. Phone Numbers
13. Lefrak City
14. 5 Pointz Feat. Greg Paulus
15. Love N’ (Rain Outro)

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