Marasco ‘The Project EP’

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Artist: Marascoisis003
Title: The Project EP
Label: Iside Music
Cat. #: ISIS03
Release Date: 12th December, 2012
01. The Project (Original Mix)
02. No more (Original Mix) (Feat. Halo)
03. No More (Martin Aquino RYM Remix) (Feat. Halo)

As a vacation destination to many beach goers year after year, the Hawaiian Islands are a tropical sanctuary for sun, skin, and surf. An unlikely place to find a movement in the U.S. electronic sound, much of the West Coast’s love and inspiration is rubbing off on these volcanic land structures.

Iside Music stops over to present Marasco, a talent whom takes his inspiration from his surroundings to create elegant and serene music appealing to not only his home fans in Hawaii but across the globe. Coming in hot with collaborations from legendary U.S. producer Halo and a remix from another San Francisco based producer Martin Aquino, The Project wraps up another pretty box of top quality American beats.

Proper groove is the stage that The Project sets for its audience. With an anti-capitalism spoken word vocal, the piece slams with a bumping sub bass and gliding rhodes hits. Trippy vocal samples and glitch delays take The Project to a more refined level of production. Collaborating with West Coast House legend Halo, Marasco doubles up the deep vibes this time with No More. Lighter hits of chord variations and percussion open the tune into a fully transient mish mosh of airy atmospheres. With a bassline driving towards more of a funky and confident attitude, the subtle sound design and automation largely contribute to a carefree arrange of one fine, flowing production.

Appealing to more underground ear buds, Martin Aquino asks that you Respect Your Mother with his tout mix. Catching up to lazy swells of hi-hats and popping snare drums, the darker vibe of Martin’s mix is an unusual, yet welcomed jolt of underground energy from his San Francisco home base. Subtle change-ups and panning echoes make this mix appealing to both deep house and techno DJs alike. As the third release in the catalog, Iside’s stock in artists and releases is beginning to show a trend of forward thinking music. With producers both young and old joining the bill, Iside’s eclectic melting pot oozes with sweet, sweet tracks absolutely devastating to any dance floor. With more collaborative releases involving fine hands like Marasco and friends, the imprint continues to be one to watch as the 2013 spring season fast approaches.


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