Marc Miroir Interview

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A true house music connoisseur, Marc Miroir is the man behind the Berlin-based Paso Music imprint, a label that’s quickly become renowned for their catchy and delicate music. His latest EP on the label, Love, is a fine indication of where he’s at right now, and it also features a fitting remix from none other than B-Pitch Control man, Kiki. But what are the records that make him tick?

– What was the first record you had pressed to vinyl? Do you still play it?
My first releases were all on vinyl. It was the ‘Electronic Bubbles EP’ on Pascal FEOS’ label, PV-Recordings. I produced it in 2001 with Kai Randy Michel and it came about one year later. It is around 136 BPM, though, so I don’t play it anymore!

– What was the last record you bought? Why?
It was Luke Hess & Omar S “Motown Methods EP” on Deep Labs. I love the dark atmosphere and the groove. Great EP. Any time I play it, the crowd gets crazy.

– What’s the record you put on when you’re in a good mood?
There is no special record. When I´m in a good mood I just put happy music on. Every time it’s another tune. But I like hearing DJ Koze tracks. They always have this craziness which is so rare in this standard tech-house scene.

– What’s the cheesiest record in your collection?
There are so many cheesy records in it. One of them is “Eeeeawoww” from Freeform Five. I heart it in 2004 in Ibiza, and my friends and I totally freaked out in Amnesia.

– What’s the rarest record in your collection?
I have lots of rare records actually. One of them is Mike Huckaby’s Sandcastles on Picture Disc from 2001. I bought it in one of the best record stores in Germany, Freebase Records in Frankfurt/Main. DJ Meat, the owner, has a very good hand for special records. I miss it since I live in Berlin now.

– What’s the funniest?
Räuber Hotzenplotz. It was my first “Vinyl” and last week I found it again in my collection at my parent´s house. The cover is so funny with nice colors. Now it has a special place in my flat.

– What’s the saddest?
One of my all time favorites is Isolee’s ‘Beau mot Plage’. There are so many good memories on it. Desire and a little bit of sadness when listening to it.

– What’s the most eclectic?
It is by Plaid, and it’s called ‘Restproof Clockwork’ on Warp Records. It is only on vinyl and you have to pitch it to -8 for it to make any sense. Then it sounds very good…

– What’s the one you pull out of your bag more than any other?
Paperclip People’s ‘Throw’. It always works and the lyrics are unparalleled as far as I’m concerned. Carl Craig is my hero. He made so many timeless hits and remixes. I’ve admired him from the very beginning.

– What’s the record you’re most proud of?
I´m proud of my own productions and every release on Paso Music. Every release has its own story and there was a lot of work to release it.

– What’s the record you’d most like to remix?
Anything by Carl Craig!

– What’s the record you wished you’d produced?
Another hero of mine is Kenny Larkin. After more than 20 years he is still on top like Carl. In 1993 he released his album on Warp. There was a track called “Track” on it which is utterly amazing, so probably that one if I’d to pick.

– What’s the guilty pleasure in your collection?
That´s a difficult question. There are some releases I still like, but I won´t play them anymore, such as Mylo´s ‘Drop the pressure’, Planet Soul´s ‘Set you free’ or Wamdue Project´s ‘King of my castle’. Very good tracks, but not suitable for my current sets.

Interview by Ian Fleming

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