Marc Troit ”1210 Feeling EP”

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Artist: Marc Troit
Title: 1210 Feeling EP
Label: Drowne Records
Release Date: 6 July, 2015
Format: Digital
Cat #: DRW029
01. Marc Troit – 1210 Feeling (Main Mix)
02. Marc Troit – 1210 Feeling (Dave Tarrida Remix)
03. Marc Troit – 1210 Feeling (Misoo Remix)
04. Marc Troit – 1210 Feeling (Tool Mix)

We are happy to welcome back the italian Marc Troit, who reappears on Drowne Records after his remix for Dema, with the ‘1210 Feeling’ EP. His sound is mainly characterized by deep basslines, hypnotic synths and ambient sounds. Coming to light with a dj-tool and two remixes by the legendary scotsman Dave Tarrida, and up-and-coming italian Misoo, this release represents underground techno with different faces!

‘1210 Feeling’ starts straightforward with mighty kickdrums and dub-delayed percussions, which get supported by snappy claps quite soon. The hypnotic theme, which contains of gently interwoven ambient synths, evolves and shakers concrete the groove, when vocalsnippets start flashing through the soundscape. Panned rides make tension at the right time and decent siren-sounds terminate the break, before ‘1210 Feeling’ dismantles and submerges back in the dark!

Dave Tarrida is definitely a ‘man of the first hour’ and grew in popularity with his twisted and wonky definition of techno. He put hands on ‘1210 Feeling’ and restructured it with industrial and ravey ingredients! Taking off with bulbous bassdrums and grained synths, Dave’s rework of ‘1210 Feelings’ unwraps the theme very early. A futuristic, steadily mutating synth-melody shows up and concretes the mood, while slightly shifted tops reinforce the stomping groove. Sonaresque pads ring in the background to add the right amount of deepness and white-noises bristle with energy!

Taking off with mighty bass-drums, claps and mechanical percussions, Misoo‘s remix gains weight very fast! Rides stab along and a sirenesque riser rings-in the action when the mellow synth, known from the original, appears on the scene. Bright offbeat hi-hats support the groove and rattling shakers make tension, when a ride appears and reinforces the offbeat-accentuation. The original main-synth got an acidic treatment and conjures an electrifying atmosphere, which has the ability to keep the floor boiling!

Last but not least, Marc Troit turned ‘1210 Feeling’ into a proper dj-tool. This one comes along with gently tuned and well arranged beat-structures and without an atmosphere to leave space for the artists interpretation. Two tonal elements lead the way, but never get too busy!


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