Marco Bailey ‘High Volume’

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Artist: Marco Bailey
Title: High Volume
Label: MB Elektronics
Cat. #: MB100
Format: CD, Digital, 2 x Vinyl
Release Date: January 28th 2013
01. Grolzham
02. The Black Crow
03. The Falcon
04. The Fox
05. The Owl
06. The Snake
07. Cash
08. Funk That Groove
09. Summer Madness
10. Horny Tiger
11. The Airport Lounge
12. She Leaves

Bonus Digital Tracks:
13. Locura de Verano (MB Re-Edit)
14. Locura de Verano (Christopher Groove Remix)

Belgium’s finest, Marco Bailey, is undoubtedly a rare breed. He is a supremely talented DJ and producer whose sound crosses over from techno to house and also slots into multiple sub-genres in between. You only have to attend a club anywhere in the world to witness the ecstatic reactions to understand why his energetic techno infused sound is so popular. Two years ago, his mighty “Dragon Man” artist album met with much critical acclaim around the globe, now he launches his next artistic chapter with the highly anticipated “High Volume” LP.

The advantage of the album format (and one reason why it is so important in artistic terms) is that it gives Marco the freedom to express himself musically to his full potential. “High Volume” includes his beloved experimental down-tempo electronica, alongside his firebrand pumped up tech-house and percussive techno club monsters.

“Grolzham”, fuses down-tempo, crunching beats with a simply beautiful melodic hook and whispering vocal snippets to create a sombre, almost reverential opening to the album – welcome to the church of Marco Bailey – a theme that will be revisited as the album reaches its finale.

A distinctive heavy-duty, bottom-heavy groove with hissing hi-hats, building and looping in intensity into a skyrocketing repeating break, announces the arrival of Marco’s trademark club monster style. “The Black Crow” is the first in a series of exceptional examples of why this man is such a powerful force in the studio. The hypnotic machine-like hum and menacing overtones of “The Falcon”; the stomach-churning ballistic groove that is “The Owl”; the scarily intense “The Snake” with its razor-sharp percussion; and the stupendously energetic “Funk That Groove” in all its pounding, hip-swinging peak-time brilliance; will undoubtedly become some of the biggest techno tunes is clubs worldwide.

Tracks such as “The Fox” as it weaves a seductive charm with lively percussive attitude; “Cash” which ups the funk factor and introduces a seriously naughty hands-in-the-air analogue element; and the shimmering, hissing percussive groove of “Summer Madness” with its sneaky vocal snippets and squiggly noises, will win over an even wider range of music lovers.

As the album chops and changes between heavier and funkier grooves, it becomes eminently obvious that Marco Bailey is a man who understands dance-floor dynamics perfectly and there is no option but to surrender and enjoy the experience of witnessing a true master at work.

Proceedings are once again returned to mellow down-tempo experimental environs with “The Airport Lounge” weaving block party samples and soothing melodies over looped-up break-beats. But it is the heart-stirring emotive piano chords and string lines of “She Leaves” that will perhaps leave a lasting memory for many – no beats, just pure unadulterated beauty.

CD2 of the “High Volume” album package is an immaculately mixed set that gives Marco Bailey the opportunity to demonstrate his dynamic DJ skills, displaying his unique magic as he creates a flowing story from his musical creations featured on CD1. The digital release features two versions of “Locura de Verano” (translates as summer madness in Spanish), an exclusive re-edit by Marco himself that was recently showcased on the 100th episode of his weekly “Elektronic Force” radio show and podcast, and a deeply delicious remix from Austria’s Christopher Groove .

“High Volume” is an exciting snapshot of Belgium’s finest techno DJ/Producer, a man who likes to think outside the box and explore his fascination with a diverse musical palette, creating a unique blend of underground sounds.

Marco Bailey’s “High Volume” is released 28th January 2013.


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