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Hello Marco, I’m glad to ask you some questions for
– To be honest I didn’t expect to receive a release with many tracks like this with your name upon it and I’m happy about it! It’s not the first time you’ve made an album (I remember “Dragon Man” on Bedrock and “Rudeboy” on your own label), can you briefly describe which are your main intentions when you decide to put out an album?
The main reason for this album was because I wanted to do something special for the 100th Release on my label MB Elektronics. I was brainstorming and thinking for a long time – what should I do? Maybe a compilation with different tracks on it or maybe an album and so I have chosen to make an album. I always wanted to make an album with all styles of music that I really like, I think an album needs to contain music that comes from the heart. The main style of the album is, of course – Techno – because that’s the music I play and where I feel best when standing in front of the crowd. So, the main part of the album (80%) is Techno, but there are also 2 down-tempo electronica tracks on there too, because I really like this style of music. I’m a big fan of Boards Of Canada, two great musicians from Scotland and that inspired me a lot. I’m a fan of chill-out and also classical music, so I also have a beat-less pure piano track on the album. I simply like many styles of music: down-tempo, techno, tech-house, classical, rock etc. If you make an album I think it is important to bring what you feel in your heart into the album and not only what you play in front of the crowd.

As briefly reported in the album press release, you like down-tempo and classical music, and in fact the first and the two closing tracks are in these styles, what can you tell us about these 3 tracks? Composing stuff like that is experimentation or an escape for you?
Like I said before, I think an album needs to contain music that comes from the heart. I think if an album contains 12 tracks of only the same style you would be better releasing 10 single EPs.

– I listened to it and the songs sounds different (in terms of kind of sounds used), like many of these were made a few years ago and not in the last months, is it only a perception of mine?
I have always been somebody who plays a little bit different sounds in my DJ sets. My main sets are always mostly energetic techno, but I also like tech-house and sometimes, when I do very long sets, I even play some experimental tracks like Aphex Twin etc. So that’s why some tracks may sound different than the other ones.

– From 2002 you also run your label MB Elektronics and this album is the 100th release. Nowadays the label is pretty popular, how do you feel to reach a goal like that?
I am very happy about it, but we are still building it up and innovating to do better day after day. We also have very good artists like Mr Bizz from Italy or Johnny Kaos from Italy, Tom Hades, Redhead with his very warm sounds, Dany Rodriguez and Sasha Carassi. So these are all very talented producers and this is also why the label is going well.

– Do you think that over the years it has changed and influenced the interest of techno music listeners?
There is much more coming out now with the digital world in full swing and now with the new software you can make music much faster than before (when it was all midi and hardware based).

After this album will you take a pause or you’re still continuing working in your studio on new stuff?
There will be no break, I will continue working full on. After the album there comes another new release out on Bedrock with John Digweed and myself and 2 other single EPs, 2 more on my own label MB Elektronics and I am also preparing some more new stuff. Definitely no break 😉

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months by you or on MB Elektronics you want to tell us about?
Yes, first of course, the release of my album “High Volume” released on my Label MB Elektronics on 11th February. Then a new release on MB Elektronics from my buddy Dany Rodriguez  with a Sasha Carassi Remix (released 25th February). Then a new release from Johnny Kaos, who is a great new talent from Italy (with Matthew Jay Remixes) which is being hammered already by Dubfire etc. Then a new Marco Bailey vs Filterheadz release – a new great collaboration we started up recently – and afterwards a new Tom Hades release on my label MB Elektronics. Also, in the next month there will come out a new single with me and Mr John Digweed together: John Digweed vs Marco Bailey on his Bedrock label and also two other EPs on Bedrock from myself.

And, of course, I also will prepare soon another new one for Carl Cox on Intec, as the big man has been supporting me since more than 15 years and I will never forget. You can keep up to date with everything I’m doing here

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank you Matteo!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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