Marco Cassanelli Interview

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– So, how are you doing? All good?
Yes, all great thanks!

– You’re based in Italy, right? How’s it going over there for you?
I live in Puglia, my hometown is Trani where the quality of life is awesome but of course, every so often I like traveling too.

– Are you a full-time DJ/producer then? How often do you get to the studio for example?
Unfortunately I still cannot afford to work only as a producer. During the day, my dance school and gym absorb me. After work, in the night I usually go to the studio to produce music.

– Am I right in thinking your sound is quite ‘minimal’? Is this a sound that’s had a massive influence on you over the years?
I always have been attracted by minimal sounds, especially when live recorded. My last work got the “kikc” sound obtained from my cushion; that’s why one of tracks is entitled CUSHION.

– What DJs did you grow up listening to? What was your first introduction to electronic music?
I first played music to the “Insomnia Disco Acropoli d’Italia” when I was 17 and since that time my life changed. I remember I was a fan of Farfa, Miki, Jeff Mills and more.

– Do you still get to go record shopping? Or are you a strictly digital man these days?
The digital era has made things complicated, outnumbering DJs and reducing the chances. However, there are big DJs overpaid who are completely restricting their performances on their laptop. I only play vinyl, I’m old school in that way.

– Would you ever consider leaving Italy for elsewhere for musical reasons?
Sure, I played in Frankfurt several times and I would love to move to Germany in the future.

– Now, about your EP on eMBI. How did an Italian end up on German label?
It’s actually my second LP with Embi. I met the owner, Daniele who was born and currently lives in Frankfurt and immediately we became good friends beyond our great professional partnership.

– And what does the label stand for in your opinion? What have you learned about the music industry since you first became involved?
Nowadays, if you get a label that produces vinyl it’s a really good deal! Obviously it’s in terms of art though, not a business.

– What sort of labels and DJs do you look up to these days for inspiration? Has Ibiza been inspirational to you?
Over the next year my new releases will come out on Embimusic, StarDub and Chelsea Hotel Records. I consider Ibiza the temple of electronic music and it was amazing when I played over there.

– What’s your favourite eMBI release then? Why is it a perfect fit for your music?
I have worked all the summer long trying to hit the best. My favourite version is ADUB on Embi (original mix).

– Why do you love house and techno so much then? Are you interested in other strands of music too? And what else should we be looking out from you in the near future?
I love dub techno but I am also crazy about Rock music. I always try to find time to listen to both. I see new projects in my future but with the same belief… music that reflects yourself is ageless.

Interview by James Hopkins

Marco Cassanelli’s Adub EP is out now on eMBI Music


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