Mark Broom ‘Shanty Star EP’

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markbroom_shantystar_artworkArtist: Mark Broom
Title: Shanty Star EP
Label: Beard Man
Cat. #: BMD021
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 02 December 2016
1. Mark Broom – Shanty Star
2. Mark Broom – D282
3. Mark Broom – Demanding
4. Mark Broom – Demanding (Don Williams Mix 1)
5. Mark Broom – Demanding (Don Williams Mix 2)

For the next release on Beard Man, Mark Broom delivers an updated reissue with his ‘Shanty Star EP’.

The original ‘Shanty Star’ release came out in 2003 on Broom’s King of Snakes label and featured two of the cuts here: ‘Shanty Star’ and ‘Demanding’. It was followed in 2004 by a Don Williams remix on Mark’s ‘Missing Link’ 12” and is re-titled here as Don Williams Mix 2. But now for the first time, this EP includes a previously unreleased Don Williams Mix (Mix 1) plus ‘D282’, a track that Broom made in the same period but has never seen the light of day.

Sounding as fresh as the time they were produced ‘Shanty Star’ is a beast of a track with its infectious sped-up Latin groove, while ‘D282’ is a dizzying techno stomper. The original version of ‘Demanding’ is just as relentless in classic Mark Broom style, with Don Williams’ mixes adding a deeper touch.

‘Shanty Star’ has already been receiving plays from Dax J, Gary Beck and Blue Hour, and is sure to be a major feature in the DJ boxes of the world’s techno fraternity.


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