Mark E – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi Mark, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. Briefly, what can you tell us about your musical background and your first approaches to electronic music?
There is no musical talent coming through from my family background, and I showed no sign of being any good at school. I just got into music like any teenager around the age of 13, buying cassette singles. Although my Granddad did own a Jean Michele Jarre album, and I remember him telling me how it was all electronic which I didn’t really get. But my older brother was going out to see bands and then out to clubs so I kinda lived the UK rave scene through him as I was too young.  I remember swapping mix tapes at school with my friends, and then started buying records around 1990.

2. How long has been the entire process for “Product Of Industry” creation? Did you enjoy any particular moments?
I’d say around 10 months, on and off. Just before I started to think about another album I had recently moved to Oxford and had no studio or a room to produce from so I hired this studio space in the middle of nowhere about 30 mins drive away from my house, it was cool at first but it was crippling me financially getting there every day so I moved it back home and put it all in my front room which is where the real creativity began, that was the most enjoyable, I really disliked having all my stuff so far away from me.

3. Apart all the conceptual things regarding the title meaning, the industrialization of West Midlands etc, what really motivates you in producing music and what are the sensations and emotion you feel?
LISTENING TO other peoples music really inspires me, I guess its kind of an unhealthy relationship I have with music now, cause I’m listening to in a producers kind of way, but going back to the meaning / concept, its not as deep as you might think given the idea behind the album, I simply just want to make some wicked tracks, haha, that might sound like I’m dumbing it down a bit, but the name PRODUCT OF INDUSTRY was simply a name which meant something, rather than calling it something bland and generic.

4. In the press release I read that all the tracks were made with a  majority of analogue instruments. What’s your studio setup right now, and how did it evolve during the years?
Up until about 18 months ago, I was solely digital IN THE BOX, I wasn’t even aware of the term ITB, I remember chatting on Facebook with Mike Taylor aka Disco Nihilist, and he told me I had to get into hardware, and he was right I had to. So I’ve slowly been building up some pieces,  I now use mostly a Roland JD800, JUNO 106, DRUMSTATION & BASSTATION, Alesis HR-16.

5. Do you expect anything from people who listen to “Product Of Industry”?
I DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING from them, I just hope they like it.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
It was my pleasure, I enjoyed it.


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