Mark Evemport Interview

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– Hi Marco, hope everything is fine! How are you doing?
Hi Matteo, I’m fine thanks!

– Before I listened to your release “Bangui” on your own label I never heard about you, and we both don’t live so far from each others… What can you tell us about your approaches to electronic music and to music production?
It all started with two used turntables BST, borrowed from a friend in 1998 after going to hear a DJ set by Little Louie Vega. After that day, I began to buy stock of used vinyl (I’ve also had a vinyl-shop for a while) and obviously, I still buy vinyl. I can say my first love is djing and I like making music too.
In the 2005 I decided to make something by myself, I came to the studio, turned on Cubase And Pro Tools, and now, has become a drug.

– Do you feel that your music style crossed into different steps? I noticed that your first releases were more into house and the recent ones are shifted into dark sonorities.
Well, let’s say that I don’t have a very specific genre in which I identify, I like listening, play and compose a bit ‘of everything, it depends by what is passing me by, from what I hear around and from the people who surround me, in short, by many things. I like to be eclectic. For example, in this last period I’m dedicated to re-edit old records from 70s, afro & funk and at the same time make remix of electronic songs without kick.
I like to play these tracks into my DJ sets!

– Does the foundation of your label “Sticky Music” contribute to improve and explore new style directions?
Sticky Music want to be “unique” in its sound, as I said before I don’t like to focus on a precise style, so the tracks that will be released in the future will be very different one from another, from Funk, Afro House, Deep Techno to Techno and Electronics.

– Easy question: what motivated you to create your label? What are your main expectations?
Sticky music comes from the need to release my music and the one of my friends without having to wait for the biblical times of the market. Now I’m sure that once I made the record, after a month  is on the market. As for the expectations I’m optimistic, the feedbacks from dis and radios are positive.
For the future, there are many good ideas and the new year will bring out lot of new “Sticky” music.

– What are your impressions about the musical scene in the place where you live?
I think in the recent years in Veneto are born many new realities, fresh and young fortunately. Even if I think we could do much more; for example giving new life to Jesolo coastline, which in the past 15 years has been practically abandoned in terms of nightlife. With the right policies that city could return a center of night life in Venice and beyond. Combining music, entertainment and art… call it a “mission impossible”.

– Have you been influenced in particular by certain parties or artists?
Like I said before my MAESTRO  musically and technically is definitely LOUIE VEGA, I have the complete collection of all his release on Vega and MAW records, I was always impressed by his technique and taste with which mingled funk with afro beat the ritual dance and classic house. Then over the years have come Henrik Schwarz , Charles Webster, Amé, Osunlade, Jerome Sydenham that leads for me the House music to another level, driving me to mix house and techno in their many nuances.

– You’re ready to be part of “Different Grooves Fastmix” featured artists, what can you tell us about the mix you recorded?
In this mix I played tracks of artists and labels that have always inspired me, trying to enclose all nuances that characterize my DJ sets, from electronics to deep tech of Kuniyuki and Charles Webster, an techno refined of Efdemin and Fred P, to a little more raw sound of the label Studio Barnhus, my unreleased track in exclusive for Different Grooves, without forgetting  the italian legend of “Pastaboys” and African rhythms, with Yoruba Records, finishing with a touch of  funk as I like it, Vakula and Soulphiction and my re-edit of a Jamaican track of 1976.
That’s all, I hope you will listen with pleasure.

– Have you got any forthcoming plans and projects for the label and yourself as solo artist?
2015 will be full of news for Sticky Music, releasing an EP very interesting in collaboration with two boys of South Africa, some interesting remix from Dj Da and many surprises but I stop here ’cause I won’t to spoil more. I’ll come out with my new EP with four tracks, on the line of Sticky 003, two songs afro deep tech and two techno.

– Thank you so much for the interview and good luck!
A special thank you to Matteo and to all the staff of Different Grooves for the opportunity you have given me, I greet all of you readers, hope you’ll have a pleasant hour listening my mix.
Thank you very much and see you soon.

Interview by Matteo Pitton


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