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We recently had an opportunity to have a chat with Mark Fanciulli, focussing on the Saved 100 release and tour celebration. During these years Mark while helping his brother Nic Fanciulli with Saved Records, he become one of the most respectable and interesting producer and deejay in the scene.

– Hi Mark hope everything is fine, how are you doing?
I’m good thanks. The past few weeks have been nice and busy, just the way I like it. I have been locked away in the studio working on some new original material along with having just completed a 2nd tour of the US promoting the Saved100 release.

– In 2004 Saved was born and it gained a lot of success. Are you satisfied with the results reached?
Although I haven’t worked on the label since day one, I do remember when it was first launched and it was a really exciting time for Nic. Looking at what has been achieved over nearly a decade I don’t think I could be any happier. It has been a real nice journey getting to meet  so many artists, both ones who are new to the game along with established ones who I have respected for many years. The enjoyment of receiving a great demo from someone who could be located anywhere on the planet and then working to release that music has never faded.

– A lot of people know that behind Saved there’s you and your brother Nic, are other people involved in the project that you would like to thank and mention?
There are a lot of people who I would like to thank and mention. First of all, all of the artists and their teams who have been a part of every release since Saved001. They have delivered the fresh, original content that has made the label’s heart beat and continue for so long.  Thank you also to our management Club Class and our Pressing plant Prime who have been great support and also for their creative input.  Thank you to the DJ’s who promote our music through playing it in the clubs and on radio and also to the publications for their reviews. Last and definitely not least thank you to our family and friends who have tirelessly supported the labels’ releases and parties.

– Can you remember some of the best moments and some of the worst regarding all the background work for the label?
One of the best and most exciting times for the label, I would say, was when we released an artist album from Mark Broom called “Acid House.” We had already been working with Mark on several things and when the opportunity came to release an artist album from him we were really buzzing. Another time was working on the Saved100 release. It was about a year in the making from starting the project to receiving all of the content and to see the final product makes me so happy. Its hard to think of any worse times as we have always been really lucky, but if I had to really look hard and be picky it would be the decline of vinyl. However, things like this are a part of life and you move on and embrace what the people prefer next.

– What can you say about the music selection for the Saved 100 compilation? Did you have a precise idea at the beginning?
When we began brainstorming the release we set out a plan with a list of artists who had already released on the label, whom we wanted to have a single from. We also made a list of artists that we wanted to feature as remixers and alongside these names, paired them up with a track from the back catalogue that we think would work well with them. With some of the artists we gave them several tracks to choose to remix from or another option if they weren’t too into the first idea.

– Did you establish during the years a special relationship with some affiliated artists? Also, which one of them did you mostly enjoy to release?
We try to maintain a special relationship with everyone who has been a part of the label and I think some of the ones I’ve mostly enjoyed include artists who are up and coming such as Paolo Rocco and Lauren Lane. A couple of years ago we signed our first track from Gary Beck called “Say What” which when coming to signing a track, that one really stands out in my memory.

– How is going on the world Saved 100 tour?
The tour has been going really well and has been covering a lot of ground in a short space of time. It has been active now since the turn of the year and in that time we have been to the United States on tour twice  along with the BPM festival and extensively across the UK and Europe.

– Have you got any forthcoming plans and projects for the label and yourself?
Following on from Saved100 the label will continue to release music as usual with the next release coming from the talented Cuartero on March 31st. The coming months are looking great gig wise as we will be taking the Saved100 party to Culture Box in Copenhagen and later finishing up the tour at Mokai in Miami during WMC on March 27.

– Thank you so much for the interview and good luck!
Thanks for your time :-)

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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