Mark Reeve ‘Don’t Be Afraid’

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Artist: Mark ReeveTrapez_131
Title: Don’t Be Afraid
Label: Trapez
Format: Digital
Cat. #: Trapez 131
Release Date: 09. April 2012
1. Don ́t Be Afraid
2. Back Door Stalker
3. Back Door Stalker (Johannes Heil’s insane remix)
4. Back Door Stalker (Justin Berkovi remix)
5. Back Door Stalker (Romano Alfieri remix)

We welcome back Mark Reeve on Trapez after his debut on Traum.
He has written tracks a bit more on the classic side of techno… and we feel he is doing that with a lot of passion and that shows in the way the tracks work seemingly by themselves.
Mark is a believer and a perfectionist… the English born artists has lived big parts of his live in Germany so he brings together a German feeling with English recording techniques…. and this adds up to an explosive cocktail of an post Detroit techno feeling.
“Don’t Be Afraid” uses these cutting sequences that we know from early techno days… that can slice the night in two and which also work as an engine for this hi-energy track.
“Back Door Stalker” is in its original version is a haunting techno track, pitch black and roaring… a track that you can sneak inside and wander around. The “Back Door Stalker” is by itself a lunar landing.
What could fit better than inviting a real techno icon to remix “Back Door Stalker”?
Johannes Heil has perfectionised the art of heavy techno in the past like no one else. Here he builds up tension with poise and sense for suspense by adding elements one by one making it a hell of a build up track. This is a great hypnotic voyage.
Remix two comes from another legend, Justin Berkovi and it is wonderful to hear how things can be perceived in a different way. Berkovi takes it more into the jacking corner (programming cool nostalgic strings) adding extra percussion and creating a haunting atmosphere by himself.
The third remix was written by Romano Alfiere. It is more light footed and progressive and takes a turn the other remixes have not taken.


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