Markus Fix ‘Oh Year’

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nr003Artist: Markus Fix
Title: Oh Year
Remixer: Dj Sneak
Label: Noon Records
Cat. #: NR 003
Release Date: 13-3-2015
Oh Year!
Day Run
Pingel Pangel Snop
Oh Year – Sneak Fixed Beats

The main track “Oh Year” shows us the house side of Markus’s musical education in the early 90’s. Raw, dirty and funky, beatdriven drum programming and oldschool influenced organs. All this is held together by a massive bassline, rolling over the dancefloor. Not much else to say than: Oh Year!!

Where “Oh Year” takes you more to the funky side, “Dayrun” is a more techno influenced trip to the depths of the night. With the hypnotic synths and wobbly bassline it invites you to loose yourself in the dance. On the other side, the detroitesque strings that glimpse up during the break and the pushing hihats, it leaves you with a smile and your hands in the air.
To complete this fabulous EP, Markus throws in some percussion and extra deep basslines on “Pingel Pangel Snop”. A track that is filled up with funk & soul, designed to be nothing but a house track with a twinkle in one’s eye. A true groove monster.

Everything has started for Markus with a gift of his brother in 1992, a Behringer 3 canal mixer. Kraftwerk, Yello, and Off belonged to the artists who opened his creativity and his ears for the electronic dance music. In 1994 he visited for the first time the Omen in Frankfurt where Sven Väth, DJ Dag and Frank Lorber did what DJ’s for one good evening have to act. Two years later he put in action his won inspirations in the end, in the decks.

Who else could we have asked for a remix on this oldschool trip than DJ Sneak. Not only that Markus and Sneak share their love for BBQ and big chunks of beef, they also deliver a perfect match soundwise. DJ Sneak takes the original to another level by enriching the percussions, adding a floor pounding kickdrum and bringing in some real house gangster feeling. With his own words: Yeah man, imma work it for ya!!


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