Markus Mehta Interview

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– Hello Markus, I’m glad to ask you some questions for !
Hi, thank you for having me.

– You’re into the music business since many years – can you describe the process and the way you got involved?
When I was about 15 /16 years old I started out as a dj. I then began making records, throwing parties and started my agency.

– You run also Electronic Soul agency, when that adventure started?
A few years back a couple of like minded friends and I were looking for a platform that we could use to professionally throw events and that could represent us and other artists in the best possible way. Right now it is a bit quieter around ES as my focus lies on more artistic things.

– Did you enjoy the booking of any djs in particular?
We’ve had people like D’Julz, Jamie Jones and Paul Woolford play for us at very intimate venues. Great memories come to mind! As a booking agency we’ve been looking after Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Stacey Pullen for the German territory. Working with such legends is exciting and inspiring of course.

– What are the main difference you noticed viewing the music business as artist and from behind the management eyes?
You can not really compare one with the other. One is art and one is business. As an artist it’s always helpful to know your way around the business component as well.

– In your opinion, nowadays artists are spending more time to improve their style releasing interesting stuff or they’re trying to earn more and more money?
I can not talk for other artists, but for me it is about quality and having something to say when releasing a new record. My intention when producing and playing music is to create the best work possible. In the end if you are getting paid for it as well… even better!

– What are the tracks you mostly enjoyed this summer? (also not into electronic music :) )
Good question. There have been a lot. One track that really stuck with me over the summer was Paul Woolford’s “Untitled”, a beautiful piece of house music!

– In July your release was published on Yellow Tail – what can you say about it?
“Your Mind” was inspired by a Sci-Fi movie. It’s quite moody and mysterious. The 909 patterns were programmed in a certain classic Detroit techno aesthetic – very snappy and energetic. The Marimba sound we’ve used transports the overall feel perfectly.

Rising Italian stars Paul C & Paolo Martini provided a more raw and untamed remix of “Your Mind”. Their version sounds infected by alien-vocal snippets and just teases with the main melody.

We’ve closed out the EP with one of my favourite tracks “Faith”. It has a firm and bouncy bottom end. The mysterious synths bring the funk, as the female vocal & FX percolate right at the soul of the track.

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
I have a new EP coming out on Smiley Fingers at the end of September called “Side Effect”. The record comes with a bomb Hermanez remix! Also I have finished a bunch of exciting work together with Alec Chizhik, that I can’t wait to put out.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
My pleasure. Thank you.

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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