Markus Suckut Interview

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This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Markus Suckut, who’s one of the most influencing and interesting techno and dj producers in the scene. He’s all set to release a new album entitled “Resist” on his own imprint EXILE.

– Thanks for joining us Markus! How are you doing right now?
Hey, thank you for having me. I am doing fine! Sitting on the couch with our dog Luna, typing down the answers for you and enjoying the sunshine coming through the windows.

– Your album “Resist” will be published on March 7th. Each track is titled with a progressive number and the word “Movement”.
What’s the concept behind everything?

It’s easy to favor, repeat established structures and norms in order to gain fortune, fame and power.
To cripple a work of art under pressure of commercial success and to trade the uniqueness of creative spark for an egoistic idea means using a calculating mind to overrule art and emotions. But the pulse of a real artist is not his mind but his heart with which he exposes his energy and vibration through frequencies.
For this reason there’s only one way which retains the creation in its innocent spontaneous form in order to stay true to its inspirational core – the path of resistance.
That’s the whole idea behind the album and behind my way of doing music. I didn’t want to give any specific track titles to all the music, because if you use track titles the listener has a specific image in his mind – it’s about the music not about names.

– In the cover art there’s a hooded person with a smoke-bomb.
Was this choice aroused by something else outside music related things or not?

Yes, actually it’s me holding a smoke bomb. I came up with the idea for the photo after I had a title for the album, I’ve talked to Sebastian (the photographer) and he was down with the idea immediately.
The cover photo reflects the album title very good I think.

– “DNA” was the first album you made. What are the main differences between that and the forthcoming one?
“DNA” was mainly a collection of unreleased tracks, which have been sitting on Len and mine HDD for a while. “RESIST” was a real process.

– What can you tell us about the whole creative process behind the album creation?
I sat down, started the album at one point and finished it in two weeks. It was one constant flow and I think you can hear it very good on the album. I never want to sound like someone else out there.
To have your own signature is not easy nowadays but possible. I am so bored of a lot of stuff which get’s released nowadays, it seems that everyone wants to sound like someone else. I mean, just listen to the Beatport, so called ‘Techno’ Top 100.

– You’re in the techno scene since 1999. What are your likes and dislikes regarding the current scene?
Commercialization and social media is a huge dislike.
What I really like is that there are still people in this scene who are doing it because they love what they do, not because of the money – and I am so thankful for those people being there! It’s the most fun to play for them and work with those guys.

– How the job with your label SCKT, Tales Of The Machines and Exile is going on?
I have some ideas for SCKT this year, next one will be the fifth release. I want to put out more music on SCKT in the future. Tales Of The Machines I’ve started last year with a double EP and soon there will be a second release by Andre Kronert. Also for EXILE we have some ideas and Johannes will do the next release after my album.

– Have you got any forthcoming projects you want to tell us about?
I finished an EP for Odd/Even, the label run by Andre Kronert, a few tracks will be released on a new label from Scuba and of course I am working on more stuff for Rekids and my own labels.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
You’re welcome!
Kindest regards

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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