Mars Bill ‘Acid’

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Artist: Mars BillMKT018
Title: Acid
Label: MKT Records
Cat. #: MKT018

Mariano Sibilla a.k.a Mars Bill lands on MKT Records with a fresh EP, he has his first approach to the music production in 2008. From then to now he made releases for labels like Sistematic Series of Uto Karem and Capsula of Sasha Carassi, now is the time of MKT with Acid EP. First track of the EP is structured by a powerful kick and crazy rides, the bassline is very huge and warm and the rolling synth is very heavy and “Acid”. The precious touch for this tune is a sample voice in the break, that gives a naugthy Techno restart.

“First Bridge” has a dark trace surrounded by an heavy kick and a fat bassline. Hi hats in upbeat carrying the track very fast, it’s a dark straight Techno track. “Overthrow” has a deep bassline, a mix of rides and hi hats moving on the synth that runs flowing on the loop. Everything is sacred by a gloomy acappella giving an original Techno shade to the track.

“Bad Habits” is made by a fat kick and the synth bass is smooth and makes the structure very homogeneous. Many filtered sounds fill the beat followed by an acappella and other surround samples and sounds, a real strong Techno pumping track. Mars Bill takes higher his skills an qualities with this release, nice shot by MKT Records, that brings out another must for all the followers.


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