crowdsurf1Artist: Mars Bill, Audiomatiques
Title: Crowd Surfing
Label: MKT Records
Cat. #: MKT044
Release Date: 21-09-2015
Crowd Surfing

Master Markantonio brings back on MKT Rec. for release number Forty Four Audiomatiques and Mars Bill already well known for Markantonio’s label followers for their many previous works on Neapolitan platforms. “Crowd Surfing” EP includes two original tracks co-written by Audiomatiques and Mars Bill, the namesake track of the ep “Crowd Surfing” has a straight strong Kick surrounded by an acid bassline and rounding Techno Synthesizer. “Selfware” is the second and last track made by classic Techno drum elements and fast hi hats segments pushed by elastic chords and electro vocal tricks. Another superlative work powered by MKT from the mind of home players Audiomatiques and Mars Bill, this record will be a must for all the best Techno dance floors during a very hot summer.


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