Mars Bill ‘Breath’

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UNRILIS022Artist: Mars Bill
Title: Breath
Label: Unrilis
Cat. #: UNRILIS022
Release Date: 30-5-2016
1 – Breath
2 – Breath (Shinedoe Remix)
3 – Origins

Mars Bill and Unrilis Records are ready to lay the scene flat with their newest EP “Breath.” Collecting the brand new title track with the new record “Origins” as well as a remix by the Shinedoe, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here, from fans of haunting rhythmic effects to dance floor crushers everywhere. Mars Bill, the persona of Mariano Sibilia, took his dedication to music on an academic route when he attended the Conservatorio Statale Di Musica D. Cimarosa. There he completed studies in production, digital languages, and computer music, which paired well with his obsession with scratching hip hop music and techno arrangements. His current release spotlights a master firing on all of his eclectic skills and tastes, and is only strengthened by the inclusion of Shinedoe’s talents. This collection marks her first collaboration with an Italian label, making it clear that Shinedoe is ready to make her mark on new terrain with her remix of Mars Bills’ “Breath” track.

“Breath” – The title track crackles with energy, bringing a background that elevates a warbling chorus over hard-beating peaks. Listeners better hold on for the wild ride that rockets through some heavy curves that Mars Bill makes all his own here. But it’s not all bass-hitting here, an angelic-sounding accompaniment keeps this game a sophisticated one, boasting a trance-inspired elegance atop the chattering snare drums that will keep feet moving until the outro.

“Breath (Shinedoe remix)” – Higher pitches outline a unique interpretation of “Breath,” maneuvering the original onto new ground with quick synths to scale the game up to a livelier tone. The remix brings a masterful revamp that seeks out new, imaginative turns, like crystalline notes that trip into some deliciously strange offshoots from the original, making for a highly repeatable accompaniment on this incredible collection.

“Origins” – Popping out of the intro without wasting any time, the party gets started quickly on this track with grumbling industrial effects to bump along in tandem with the high-energy rhythms at work here. Ghostly passion and eerie vocals keep this song both mysterious and highly danceable, the kind of track that tells a unique story beyond the club banger, but can still be guaranteed to rip up any dance floor.


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