Mas Teeveh ‘Divided by Zero’

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Artist: Mas Teeveh
Title: Divided by Zero
Label: micro.fon
Cat. #: MF034
Format: Digital
1. End Behind The Act
2. Neverending
3. Time Loop

mas teeveh is on the micro.fon radar for quite some time now. he is present in most any set of the label head and his deep bassheavy techno sound suits perfectely for our label. and he does not dissapoint in any regarads he delievers an ep with 3 diversive tracks showcasing his skills as a producer. Neverending is a techno bomb with distorted & edgy chord sounds and a deadly groove. Time loop is a piece of slightly broken beat techno with raw and dark elemets. End behind the act finishes off this ep with some more electronic chill out vibes. impressive talent.

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