Mas Teeveh ‘Dreamlike Flow’

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82478Artist: Mas Teeveh
Title: Dreamlike Flow
Label: Micro.fon (DE)
Format: Album CD
Cat. #: MFLP001
Release Date: 14 February 2014
1. Mas Teeveh – Premonitions
2. Mas Teeveh – Morning Drosiness
3. Mas Teeveh – Confessions Ov an Opium Eater
4. Mas Teeveh – Piranesi’s Prison
5. Mas Teeveh – Selfmystification
6. Mas Teeveh – State Ov Dream
7. Mas Teeveh – Zeitplan
8. Mas Teveeh – Catharsis
9. Mas Teveeh – Ex-Nihilo
10. Mas Teveeh – Sublime Feeling of Eternity
italian producer mas teeveh is on the micro.fon radar for some time now. his bass heavy, deep and atmospheric productions suits perfectly to the roster of berlin based imprint micro.fon. in february 2014 mas delievers an lp with 10 tracks of exciting quality and roughness showcasing his skills as a producer. the dark deepness of all these cuts make his album to a significantly unique piece where all the tracks interact with each other. cutting edge industrial sounds meet spheric dubbed-out chords and sequences.

‘selfmystification’, ‘morning drosiness’, ‘state­ov­dream’ and ‘confessions ov an opium eater’ are techno tracks par exellence with distorted & edgy chord sounds and relentless repetitive beats. but teeveh’s sound is more than just technical prowess. tracks like ‘zeitplan’ with its rattling rhythm surprise the dedicated listener. it stands out creating almost somewhat like a positive feeling. but just then the rattling rhythm stops and you are drawn back into a black hole of dark athmospheres in which the track ends.

‘piranesi’s prison’ and ‘catharsis’ are the perfect closing tracks with moody pads and a rough deepness that brings up memories of tracks by ambient lords the orb in a modern way ‘ex­nihilo’ is a piece of broken beat techno with raw and dark elements.

the tracks ‘premonitions’ and ‘sublime feeling ov eternity’ start and finish off this longplayer with some dark electronic soundscapes almost suitable for a horror movie creating an overall athmosphere out of nothing with just a few well selected sounds.

dreamlike flow. a journey into the man’s ability to remember, allowing the rule change. the power of dreaming, as detection for an eternal loop of thoughts.


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