Marco Bailey “Temper”

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The last album published by Marco Bailey was “High Volume” (2013), the sound was totally into the techno / tech house styles of that time. Fortunately, during these years the Belgium based dj and producer has been into an evolution process, as shown in the brand new label project Materia, and of course in this album.
“Temper” presents 17 productions (except the remastered version of “Genetix”) that mix different influences and styles. The various mixtures are categorized into techno, but collect elements from both the odiern underground and past electronic music. The album tracks aren’t just functional to the dancefloor, but a few (downtempo and electronica) are used as intro, interlude or outro.

Materia Imprint – November 3rd 2017

1. Kaida
2. Naga
3. Katla
4. Hasai
5. In The Darkness Featuring Tim Baker
6. Ash
7. Planet Mad
8. Tatsu
9. Reboot That Device
10. Klauth
11. Chroma (Vinyl Bonus)
12. Genetix (2003) Remastered
13. Feel It’s Time
14. Rex
15. Ruth
16. Ryoko
17. Suoh

A1. Kaida
A2. Hasai
A3. Katla
B1. Feel It’s Time
B2. In The Darkness Feat. Tim Baker
C1. Chroma
C2. Naga
C3. Klauth
D1. Reboot That Device
D2. Ryoko
D3. Suoh

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