Artist: Mate_U & Denny K7698_forgotten-groove-ep
Title: Forgotten Groove E.P.
Label: Novotek RAW SERIES
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: 25-06-12
A1. Forgotten Groove (Original Mix)
A2. Forgotten Groove (Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters Remix)
B1. Funky Nation (Original Mix)
B2. Funky Nation (Danny Serrano Remix)

After browsing their sound on Safari Numerique, Mate U join forces with Denny K in this “Forgotten Groove EP”, a good 90s exercise that represents the third installment of Novotek Raw Series. Leix and Samu ́s label proves unstoppable and its sound is shown as one of the strongest bets of this present year.

“Forgotten Groove” uncorks the EP with an overwhelming, warm and sturdy sound. A bouncing bassline serves as the driving force of this track that exudes generous amounts of swing, funk and jazz achieving the elegance of 90s American House.

Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters show us their personal point of view on their remix. A cyclical development and percussive rhythm adds muscle and hypnotism, but keeping the flavour of the original track.

On the flipside of the vinyl, Mate U and Denny K give an old school massage to “Funky Nation”. A summer adventure imbued with warm and jazzy nuances is flirting again with the primeval Chicago ́s House.


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