Mattia Trani ‘The Hi-Tech Mission’

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PM015 Artwork 2 BackArtist: Mattia Trani
Title: The Hi-Tech Mission
Label: Pushmaster Discs
Format: 2×12″ LP / CD / Digital Download
Cat. #: PM015
Release Date: Physical 13-5-2016 / Digital 3-6-2016
1 / A1 – Departure (Intro)
2 / A2 – Low-Tech Descending
3 / A3 – Traffic 2 Traffic
4 / B1 – Hi-Tech Mission
5 / B2 – Symphony of a Cosmic Goddess
6 / C1 – The Detroit Student
7 / C2 – Alien Pattern
8 / D1 – Metaphysic State
9 / D2 – Future Funk Return

Pushmaster Discs is proud to present the amazing debut LP by Mattia Trani.
‘The Hi-Tech Mission’ is not just the usual techno album, it also represents a space travel around the futuristic techno vision of the Italian producer.

The intro track ‘Departure’ starts with atmospheric pads and a robot voice announcing the countdown to the departure of the hi-tech shuttle. There’s only one passenger: Mattia Trani, the destination is an unknown planet.
As the spaceship leaves planet earth for the infinite black space, the travel is accompanied by ”Low-Tech Descending” with a slow trip-hop beat, raw 808 rhythm, futuristic synth and basslines.
‘Traffic 2 Traffic’ is the third track, 90’s jungle infected with Rhodes and a huge classic Bristol bass to complete it.
On title track, ‘The Hi-Tech Mission’, Trani shows his classic nu school Detroit sound with a Korg lead solo and square wave bass synthetizer.
‘Symphony of a Cosmic Goddess’ is a great combination of 303 basslines, melodic strings and modulated piano sounds with Mattia showing his keyboard abilities, the rhythm encountering an emotional piano melody.
‘The Detroit Student’ and ‘Alien Pattern’ are the most powerfully energetic tracks on the album, raw speed techno bombs with Millsian inspired drones.
As the shuttle reaches an unknown galaxy, ‘Metaphysic Dream’ recalls the classic electro-funk of Aux 88 beats with vocoder voice. The song is a tribute to the 313 friends of Mattia and within it there’s a secret hidden message: ‘Maybe this is the last transmission, dedicated to the creation of I.S.F. UNIT ZC-121861, thank you for listening, we are in the future, thank you.”
The groove increases on ”Future Funk Return’, the album’s last song. 170 bpm, another pure drum’n’bass UK jungle bangin’ tune complete with voice samples.

The shuttle reaches a mysterious planet, it seems that the mission is not finished yet.
To be continued…


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