Mattias Fridell ‘Cromosom003’

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CRMSM003_resizedArtist: Mattias Fridell
Title: Cromosom003
Label: Cromosom
Remixer: Advanced Human
Cat. #: CRMSM003
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: September 30th 2012

A1 Cromosom003.1
A2 Cromosom003.1 (Advanced Human Remix)
B1 Cromosom003.2
B2 Cromosom003.3

Cromosom is strictly evolving this time with Sweden based Techno mastermind Mattias Fridell highly recommended for his latest works on labels like Affin, Gynoid Audio, Sonntag Morgen, Compound and then some. Mattias is presenting 3 new developed Cromosoms in his unique dry industrial touched way of performing a hypnotic kind of techno, directly moving onto the dancefloor. Beside we got Elektrax labelhead DJ Hi-Shock using his aliasAdvanced Human” and supporting this massive release with a great big room techno remix on the original of track one.


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