600 picottoArtist: Mauro Picotto & Frankyeffe
Title: Like This, Iguana 2014
Label: Riot Recordings
Cat. #: RiotSS001
Release Date: 23-6-14
1. Mauro Picotto & Frankyeffe – Like This (Riot Mix)
2. Mauro Picotto & Frankyeffe – Like This (Dream Mix)
3. Mauro Picotto – Iguana (Megamind Mix)

After a few months out of the first ep released on Riot Recordings we are at the beginning of Summer 2014 with some great releases signed by Frankyeffe, Electric Rescue, The Welderz and Reinier Zonneveld.

Frankyeffe decided to release the first “Special Series” on Riot Recordings with one of the greatest artists techno all the time MAURO PICOTTO.
Mauro Picotto is an universally acclaimed DJ who began his musical journey in the clubs 28 years ago. He’s been all around the world playing and partied at the best music events. He has always produced quality music and sold millions of records over the years. His djing and music passion make him the first most succesfull italian dj, recognised worldwide. Mauro has continually reinvented himself, these days he’s producing and remixing new artists. A new collection of Mauro Picotto tracks will be out this year. Currently he’s planning his fresh, two days club party Alchemy Music Events in Turin and focusing on exclusive gigs around the world.
Mauro has entrusted to Frankyeffe and Riot Recordings to remake and publish two greats “Hits” & “Historical” tacks “Iguana” and “Like This Like That” that climbed the charts of the World
In this ep, there are two versions of “Like This” the “Riot Mix” and the “Dream Mix” and one version of “Iguana” the “Megamind Mix”.
This a special release and a great responsibility for Riot Recordings, we are excited.
Like This & Iguana is an ep exclusively dedicated to the most important festivals and dancefloors of the world.
The fusion of these names to be a guaranteed success of sure.

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