Max Coseglia ‘Abiura’

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Artist: Max Coseglia
Title: Abiura
Label: Bauns Music
Cat No: BAUNS014
Release Date: 29.07.2013

Bauns returns with a new project, this time entrusted to Max Coseglia, the young Neapolitan artist already known for his projects on Loose, MKT and Amazing. A release made by 3 tracks including the remix of Lerio Corrado and Audiomatiques together with Mars Bill.

“Abiura” is the track that opens the ep. A percussive groove anticipates the long atmospheric sounds, twisted to neatly embedded & uplifting female vocal samples until the break. A two-tone and hypnotic synth sound is the boundary to the final phase of the track, which is constantly evolving. Definitely a great tech-house tool!

Lerio Corrado reinterprets “Abiura” featuring his work with rhythmic architectures and sound carpets accompanied by long pads that create depth and thickness. A relentless pace with variations and special effects, characteristic of Lerio’s style, but that reflect the designs of the original project. A track that will shake the dance floor!

Closing the release the remix of the promising duo Audiomatiques, who along with Mars Bill give us a track with a much more techno mood. A monotonic bass line is the background of some kick-chained sounds, which take us to the break with articulated effects. Interesting two-note synth, just before the restart of the kick. Excellent!

Again BAUNS stands out for its refined style and fine sounds, consolidating its reputation as a platform with great personality. The collection is growing!

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