Artist: Max Coseglia & Lerio Corrado
Title: Small Town
Label: MKT Rec.
Cat. #: MKT022
Release Date: February 2013
1. Thirty Degrees – Max Coseglia & Lerio Corrado
2. Alkemy – Max Coseglia & Lerio Corrado
3. Alkemy Involved Version – Max Coseglia & Lerio Corrado
4. Cooler Bag – Max Coseglia & Lerio Corrado

MKT Records signs its next step in Techno movement with other two hometown producers, Lerio Corrado and Max Coseglia, already known for their works on Rino Cerrone’s imprint Loose Records. This release includes three original tracks and one remix made by themselves, first one is “Thirty Degrees” that has an essential drum kit, a smooth bassline and a regular hi hat session in upbeat. Gloomy vocal effects in background are very special elements for this tune, a rolling Synth walks alone in loop mode growing step by step and giving a straight Techno rhythm to the track.
“Alkemy” is the second one, that has a real Progressive touch, is made by a fast and heavy kick, an increasing Rave Synth and perc tricks in upbeat. The track is really energetic and the break signs the pick time where everything blows up to explode, a powerful Techno – Progressive bomb.
“Alkemy Involved Version” is another interpretation of this track, that is more aggressive and deeper than the original one, noisy effects in background and the heavier Synth phase are the main elements of this powerful progressive remix. “Cooler Bag” is the last one track of this release, is made by a groovy bassline, a smooth kick and by a good Rides loop in upbeat. Lots of Vocal tricks in background are going to refill everything, for sure a very cool Techno dancefloor bomb.
Lerio & Max, two minds always ready to give their support to the Neapolitan Techno evolution and MKT deserves the right to be the best platform for hot music creation.


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