cr039Artists: Mendo & Danny Serrano
Title: The Bassement / Truesoul EP
Label: Clarisse Records
Format: Digital
Cat. #: CR039
Release Date: May 26th, 2014
Distribution: Beatport
01. The Bassement
02. Truesoul

David Mendo can’t stop and won’t stop right now; after hoarding plaudits with his remix of Luca Lento’s ‘Poema’ and going nose to nose with Charles Ramirez for ‘No More’, he now locks horns with Madridista and Ibiza insider Danny Serrano for a pair of portly summer rumbles. Clarisse’s next pleasure principle and guarantee of perspiration is not the first time these two have got together either. 2008‘s ‘Coconuts’ picked the lock on the pair’s future path of unremitting, tribally entwined, pump-the-bump grooves that have gone on to time sunrises and sunsets, from 2010‘s gibbering funker ‘Yanara’, to ‘Poupea’ ushering in waves to lap at its feet in the same year, and the popping tech jabs of Clarisse release ‘Sugar on the Body’.

Toughened up by the kind of drivingly incessant bassline that sorts dancefloor athletes from weekend drivers, ‘The Bassement’ is a one-way ticket of tribalism pulling no punches, deep house weaponry with slow-burning fire in its belly. Though it’ll undoubtedly benefit from a bronzing come holiday season, you’ll be praying that the party heads South so that the cellar-as-steamroom is the place to be once needle meets wax.

The bottom end to ‘Truesoul’ may have more bounce and give more glass-clinking breathing space. But there’s no let up and no room for tip-toers and toe-tappers, as Serrano and Mendo have taken on the form of the most stylish of dungeon masters. As a criss-cross of vocal interventions from the player’s ball next door goad you

into retaliation, it’s a second statement of staying power and modesty made much bigger; the bass remains something you’d baulk at down a dark alley, telling diet and diluted deep house to take a look at itself.

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