Mental Overdrive Interview

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Hi Per and welcome to Different Grooves!

Hi and thanks!

You’re from Norway, how the electronic music scene is going on there? Did it raise during the years or not?

Tromsø, the small arctic city that I come from, has actually had a scene for electronic music since the early eighties. It has since gone through many mutations and ups and downs, but at the moment it’s pretty exciting and not too dependent on trends going on elsewhere, which I think makes it more interesting.

Is it true that you established a connection with a part of the London electronic music scene?

I moved to London when I was younger and lived there for a couple of years in the late eighties (87-89), so I definitely connected to the house music explotion that took place back then. I have since returned frequently to the city, especially over the last few years, and feel very connected to a lot of people and some of the music being made there, so yes.

I listened again to your album “CYCLS” and it seems like you don’t care too much about modernism and innovation, am I wrong or not?

Oh quite the contrary. I care a lot about innovation and always try to trace down the most interesting music being made at all times. But I find that new music being put out is usually split in 3 main categories; the new and explorative stuff, the ‘more of the same’-stuff and the stuff trying to sound like older music. One of the big challenges with experimental dance music is that however groundbreaking it sounds to the ear – if it still fails to get people dancing it’s a failed experiment as far as this type of music goes. For my own output I always just make what I feel like, and don’t make much effort in trying to sound like something else or follow any trends if that’s what you mean. I guess my sound is mostly coloured by my own taste and experience and also by the equipment and production techniques I use.

How the work with your label Love OD Communications is going on?

It’s all good thank you. I’ve got a new remix 12″ of the ‘Monster / Ritual’ single from last year coming soon with mixes by Daniel Blackbelt Andersen (Full Pupp) and JD Twitch (Optimo), and also there are EP’s by both Boska and Charlotte Bendiks lined up for release soon.

You’re ready to be part of  Different Grooves On Air featured artists, what can you tell us about the podcast you recorded?

This one is recorded live in London’s Phonica record store a couple of years back and contains only live versions of my own productions and variations over sketches in their rawest form.

Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us?

We’re working on launching our new short film “Monster” for the summer, so look out for that one. In the meantime you can catch a preview here:

Thanks for the time you spent for the interview and good luck!

Thanks very much!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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