Metrophonique Interview

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Metrophonique are an Italian pairing with an eclectic tech-house sound that makes them stand out from the pack. They also pack a real punch into their productions, as is evident on their work for their always on-point label, the excellent Cat For Lunch. Indeed, the boys have been cooking us some production bombs of late, so we decided to throw a few pertinent questions their way…

– Metrophonique – it’s quite an unusual alias. What’s the thinking behind it?
We were looking for an alias that could give an imprint of the place we come from – the suburbs of Milan – and our passion. We’re trying to connect our roots and our love for music. This name was the result, and we liked also how it sounds.

– So where did you guys grow up and what was it like?
We both come from Milan. It’s quite a big city, and it always offered a lot of choice for electronic music so we started clubbing quite early.

– The artwork on the new release sort of has an interesting theme, as does a lot of your label’s release. Can you elaborate on that one a bit? Is the artwork very important to the theme of the label?
We believe all points of the process are important at the same level. It would be stupid to have a good release, maybe with a hot remix, doing our best to promote it and send it to DJs without caring about the artwork. The cover is the first thing you see, so it is important, of course.

– So talk us through the label if you can. What made you want to set it up in the first place?
We always loved the idea that we can decide about releases, artwork, promotions. And also the possibility to help new talents to emerge.

– Who or what inspired you to set it up? Are you guys full-time musician these days?
Actually we are half-time musicians…we work together in our post production studio – where we also work on photography – and we work with Roland Italy for the new Roland Aira series too.

And who influenced you guys to set it up? Was it mainly international guys or local artists?
Definitely international producers. We both grew up with Chemical brothers, Leftfield, Basement Jaxx, Alex Gopher, then we turned into tech house and techno.

– How do you rate the current Italian scene? Is it in a good or a bad place right now?
I don’t know if it’s moving in the right direction, but it’s growing for sure.

– Do you still press on vinyl? How have you found the process of late?
We’re planning to start it for 2016 on Cat for Lunch.

– So what sort of DJs and producers are really inspiring you at the minute?
Denis Horvat, Gardens of God, Okain, Shigeto, Kevin Over.

– Can you tell us about your latest release? Had you been planning it for a while?
Yes, and our latest release on Cat for Lunch came from our desire to go back to our roots, and create three tracks with groove, melody and emotional feelings.

– How’s you guys’ DJing going at the moment? Do you devote as much time to DJing as producing?
Actually we’re playing locally and we always have fun doing it. But we are more concentrated on our productions at the moment.

– Do you generally DJ together too? Or how does that work for you boys?
Yes we play together b2b or else it’s a hybrid live set and DJ set.

– What constitutes a success for you release wise? Charts? Sales? Recognition?
All of these things are important in some way, but most important of all is the self-awareness that we love what we do.

– As a producer, DJ and label, what are your long-term goals?
Well, as producers we want to reach labels we love. I think it would be great for us to see our work on labels we follow.

– And finally, who would you love to work with at the label that you haven’t already?
Such a long list…but definitely some good friends of us, like Larry Cadge from Smiley Fingers…he’s on fire with his latest releases.

Interview by James Hopkins

Metrophonique’s Blue Moon EP is out now on the Cat For Lunch label

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