Michael Jansons Interview

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– How’s life with Michael Jansons now? What’s keeping you excited?
Life is good! Busy engineering as well as working on my own productions.

– What’s been the proudest moment in your career to date?
Realising that I’m making a living from doing what I love – making and playing music.

– What are your long-term ambitions as a producer?
To be recognised an artist internationally, staying true to myself and continually improving.

– Your latest EP on Resonance is a really stunning release. How did it come about? And what was the inspiration behind it?  
Thanks! I’m inspired by so many different things but I never approach a song with an idea. I just sit there nerding away, having fun jamming and enjoying the process.

– Did you go to the studio that day with a clear picture in your head of what you were going to create? Does it generally work like that for you?
I never have a clear picture when it comes to my own music as I prefer not to work to a formula. You shouldn’t put pressure on yourself like that if you don’t have to Just go into the studio to have fun and enjoy making your music.

– Do your tracks tend to move towards the dancefloor then?  
I spend so many hours in my studio – whether it’s working on my own music or helping other artists with theirs – that sometimes I overindulge in the technical process. I would like to make some more dance floor orientated tracks in future though.

– Could you put your style and sound into words?
Melodies and layers.

– And how did Richy Ahmed and Max Chapman end up remixing it? What did you make on the job they did?
I work with Richy in the studio so have a good relationship with him and I’ve known Max for a few years now. They are both great producers and I love their remixes – a nice contrast to the original.

– And what are the themes you went for on your 3 different originals? Am I right in thinking your sound is fairly indebted to analogue persuasions?
I don’t really have a theme, just what I’m feeling at that moment in time. I have a pretty decent collection of synths and drum machines, but also mix them with software. It’s nice to have the balance of both I think.

– Is there one piece of hardware/software that you generally use as the basis for your tracks?
I use Logic Pro X and also rewire Live for it’s strengths, but Logic is my main DAW. Bass is pretty much SH-101 just love it, it’s such a classic sound. I also use The Virus TI a lot, as well as Maschine and the Roland TRs for my drums.

– And how did you learn to make music in the first place?  
I went to a music college, but most of my knowledge has come from dedicating time to the studio.

– Are you a pretty comfortable producer these days?
I’d like to think so. I’ve worked on in excess of 100 records to date, but I’m still learning every day.

– Who’s the benchmark for you production-wise?
Too many people to mention. There are so many producers that blow my mind! I suppose any producer who really has nailed a unique sound in any genre.

– What one piece of advice would you give to budding producers out there who are struggling to find a place for their music?
Don’t rush and take your time to carve out a sound that has an identity.

– What else have you got coming up that you’d like to shout about?  
Lots of new music in the pipeline including some cool collabs, which I’m really looking forward to sharing with you.

Michael Jansons’ Tunnel Vision EP (with remixes by Max Chapman and Richy Ahmed) is out now on Resonance Recordings. Buy it here: http://www.beatport.com/track/everybody-original-mix/5596564

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