Michel de Hey Interview

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Hi Michel, first of all welcome to Different Grooves.

Thank you for inviting me|

Let’s begin the interview with your latest release on Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal’s Rejected label: how did this happen?

I heard Joris play somewhere, when I was already working on this track, and for some reason I could see and hear Joris playing this in my head, so I mailed the tracks to Edwin at the label. Normally I get a reply within 3 weeks, but they replied within 3 hours! They loved it and wanted to release it, so everybody was happy.

Tell us something behind the creation of the ‘You Feel Alive’ EP, some particular stuff to reveal to our readers?

I made 6 or 7 tracks where I used my own voice as the main focus in the track. I like most of them, but with the super bassline that I created here it is a killer line-up J I’m trying to make a follow-up on this with the same feel, but no success yet…

MIchel de Hey in the studio in next 6 months: what we can expect from your genius?

I’m working on a techno project, as for some reason I’m making a lot of Detroit influenced tracks right now. I’m also doing a project with Gabriel Ananda and with a guy called Budakid. Also, I did a re-edit of “The Warehouse Project” by Eddie Niguel, which sounds cool when I play it out, so I hope they will release this as well.

2015 is finally over! Tell us about your best gig and the worst one during this year?

Very difficult… It is the same with your favourite child, it is hard to choose as you do not want to make it hard on the ones you like as well but did not mention… So I always mention the last gig I played. That was @ Thuishaven, Amsterdam on 1st January 2016 and they know how to throw a party! The line-up was cool with Dennis Ferrer and Konstantin Sibold, and I played back2back with my Rotterdam brother Benny Rodrigues it was super! The worst one I do remember, that was Sunday People… they still need to pay me!!

Your legendary Hey! Parties are having their 10th anniversary in 2016: do you have some big plans to celebrate this special landmark?

Yes, we kick-off on 23rd January with Huxley, Gerd, Rodriguez Jr, Serge and more. Then we start touring, where we change the line-up every party, so every time it will be different. We are also making a limited edition CD sampler that we will only hand out at the party. We are doing a few special releases on HEY! Records as well, so 2016 looks promising!

 A quick preview for our readers: Michel, you are going to be part of our Different Grooves On Air Podcast Series, could you tell us something about the mix for us?

I put some really special records in there, which are very dear to me! New and old, House and Techno, all mixed the way I like it – not one monotone beat and it goes up and down…

And last but not least, a not too serious topic… Due to our connection with the world capital of Pizza – Napoli: which is your favourite type of Pizza?

Aha! I am a self-proclaimed pizza conneusseur! I make my own (Neapolitan) pizza, which takes me some time, but I love it! And I always go for Margherita – if you can make a great Margherita you can make all the other ones as well J

It was a pleasure to spend time with you Michel, thank you very much

Thank you for having me and I hope to be playing in Italy soon!

Interview by Gill

Michel de Hey


Coming up: 10 Years Of Hey! Tour
Out now on Rejected Records: “You Feel Alive!” http://btprt.dj/21Uw7RD


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