TTT026_ArtArtist: Michele Ciuoffo & Marc Troit
Title: Reference
Label: True Type Tracks
Release Date: 16 April, 2014
Format: Digital
Cat #: TTT026
01. Dynamic Ground (Ciuoffo Detroit Room Mix)
02. Dynamic Ground (Marc Troit’s Stripped Down Dub)
03. Dynamic Ground (Kaelan Remix)
04. Dynamic Ground (Xpansul Stabbed To Death Mix)

Our 26th release takes us back to Italy, more precisely to Trieste, in the North, where MICHELE CIUOFFO & MARC TROIT were born and raised.

This two super talented youngsters have already had acclaimed releases on labels like Drivign Forces, Naked Lunch or Illegal Alien Records, on which they’ve set up a high quality standard with their deep and dark techno sound.

And this time we have two solid remixes. First one by another talented Italian artist, from Bari on the South, this time: KAELAN, whose work is receiving great critics from artists like Surgeon. And the second one comes from label honcho XPANSUL.

Track 1, DYNAMIC GROUND (CIUOFFO DETROIT ROOM MIX) is Michele’s version. A strong beat and a powerful dubby sub are the foundations where groovy percussions and playful stabs evolve. Funk all over the place. Progression is subtle and hypnotic, and tension fills the track from beginning to end.

Track 2, DYNAMIC GROUND (MARC TROIT’S STRIPPED DOWN DUB) is even more hypnotic. Deep and dense, the groove reminds of the mid 90’s dub techno masters. Solid and subtle, this is an awesome example of a very thorough arrangement job.

Track 3, KAELAN REMIX, is a perfect trip to the old school techno vibe and sound. Hypnotic, funky and sexy, this is a superb piece of dirty, hot techno. Tension is again protagonist in this tune, and you can foresee the talent this guys is yet to deliver.

Track 4, XPANSUL’S STABBED TO DEATH REMIX is probably the deepest of the pack. Warm and evocative, stabs are here the main element. Evolving constantly over a funky tribal infected drum section, the jazzy Detroit like stabs team up with the lysergic pad from Marc’s version and a classic high strings section.


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