lr047Artist: Microvibez & Roel Salemink
Title: Bell Bottom
Remixer: Tomy DeClerque
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR047
Release Date: 14-09-2015
Bell Bottom
Bell Bottom (Tomy DeClerque Remix)
Pure Analog

Loose Records’ newest EP “Bell Bottom” brings together the explosive talents of DJs Microvibez and Roel Salemink on their brand new tracks “Bell Bottom” and “Pure Analogue.” Their partnership melds Salemink’s mastery of tech and house music beautifully with Microvibez’s skills as both a techno producer and well-recognized live performer. The collective work of two proven masters is only bolstered by the inclusion of a remix of the title track by Tomy DeClerque, who has seen his generation of local Slovenian DJs earn global recognition since setting out on his own career. His vision and abilities have taken him to the forefront of his musical territory, making this EP a surefire snapshot of electronic musicians at the top of their game.

Microvibez and Roel Salemink “Bell Bottom” – Slamming the beats to ground without a moment to spare, rhythmic underlays demonstrate the complexity of the expertise on this track. Upbeat, whisking effects coupled with high hats lead a safari through all kinds of wildness here, bringing the thrum of great dance mixes with an ambient flavor that show listeners both artistic maturity and good times to be had.

Microvibez and Roel Salemink “Bell Bottom” TomyDe Clerque Remix – The baseline is all hollows and cavernous, yet insists on racing ahead, taking the beat to a full sprint like a champion runner on a professional-level circuit. The remix chases down new heights here, bringing in deep vocal effects to bounce together in a low conversation with each other, all among slamming waves of sound that are sure to excite audiences everywhere.

Microvibez and Roel Salemink “Pure Analogue” – The title promises a return to basics, and delivers on this promise a uniquely underground feel. Subterranean beats slowly escalate to the clapping techniques of decades gone by, but the sound is still infused with new energy that seizes on a climb that is truly stunning within the first third of the song. Strange voices, frog-sounding vibrations, and jungle-inspired instrumentals chime in to make this fly music, all working together to make this a brave and hit-worthy track.


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