Mike Gervais ‘On My Own EP’

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SYSTEM03_Mike_Gervais_On_My_Own_Cover_Artwork_WebArtist: Mike Gervais
Title: On My Own EP
Format: Vinyl/Digital
Cat. #: SYSTEM03
Release Date: Vinyl (9/10/2015), Digital (21/09/2015)
Distribution: Physical – http://completemastering.com/
A1. On My Own B
1. Cut and Thrust
B2. Relax

On My Own – a heaving banger with filled with gloomy stabs and strobe-filled crescendos, slapped with heavyweight claps in all the right places.
Cut and Thrust – frenetic synths spin in a shower of sparks around razor sharp hi-hat barrages. Duck and cover!
Relax – A deeper, organic feeling permeates this lights-out groove filled with wooden hits, simmering shakers, and warm synth washes.


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