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Mike Miro started out on vinyl in 1996, and evolved with house music. Mike is best known for his highly acclaimed signature dj mixes. His solid track selection makes each mix addictive from beginning to end for years to come. His obsession is exploring and sharing fresh cutting edge music. Mike always brings good energy, vibes, and respect everywhere he goes.

Mike started out on Vinyl from 1996 up until 2007 when he switched to CDs as digital became the dominant format for new music and unreleased tracks. He still stays away from laptops as he prefers to rely on his senses. He likes to watch and feel the crowd instead of focus on a laptop screen. As of today he still uses CDs as well as USB sticks. Mike stays out of the red. He has 11+ years of pro audio experience, owns an EV pro audio system, and treats gear as if it were his own.

Mike Miro grew up in a small town nobody has ever heard of in New Jersey. Mike was always into music that wasn’t mainstream. He was always into bands before they got huge. In 1993 Mike explored the New York club scene. He frequented venues such as Limelight, Tunnel, and Twilo.

A few tracks that stood out back then were:
Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
Human Resource – Dominator
Prodigy – Break and Enter

He relocated to South Florida in 1995 and became a regular at the legendary Edge Nightclub afterhours. He began shopping for DJ Mixes at places such as the DJ Store in Oakland Park.

A few mix cd and track highlights from around that time:
Keoki – All Mixed Up
Acid Warfare
John Kelly – Funky Desert Breaks
DJ Lace – Orgasm

One night he bugged a DJ to ID a track that was playing. It was “Symbiosis – Concepcions II [Hardkiss]. Unable to find the track (he had to have) on CD, Mike ended up special ordering it on Vinly from the good old DJ Store in Oakland Park. He ended up buying turntable just so he could enjoy it. He quickly discovered that most of the tracks he wanted were available on vinyl only.

In 1996 Mike got a 2nd turntable and mixer. He mostly hunted for vinyl at the DJ Store, Uncle Sam’s, and Specs. He’d spend countless hours listening to records. During that time Mike Frequented GrooveJet, Liquid, and The Mixx, and The Edge.

He disappeared around 1999 into a stressful job and relationship. Mike continued bedroom DJing for several years making mixtapes, and CDs for friends. He also shopped for Vinly online of course.

Some of his favorite online shops included:
Groovetech (his all time fav)
Satellite Records.

In 2005 Mike saved up enough money to leave a parasitic employer and bad relationship. He decided to take his sound out to the club scene. He quickly secured his first residency at a posh downtown club known as Karma Lounge. A place where a lot of good friends and DJs met for the first time, and still remain good friends today. Mike DJ’d and organized events for years and came to understand the dynamics of promoting events.

In 2011 Mike started a party known as Techno Beach to bring some fresh sounds and counterculture into Fort Lauderdale for his friends and following. The party was an instant success. A few artists Techno Beach featured were Audiojack, Christian Martin, Inxec, and Worthy.

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/mikemiro
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/djmikemiro
Beatport: http://dj.beatport.com/mikemiro
Website: http://www.mikemiro.com

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