Mike Okay ‘Dolly’

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Artist: Mike Okay
Title: Dolly
Label: WhatWhat
Cat. #: WHAT028
Format: Digital
1. Edelweiss (Original Mix)
2. Dolly (Original Mix)
3. Golden Brown (Original Mix)

German Mike Okay crafts colourful playgrounds of sound and here returns with a new EP, Dolly, on WhatWhat that explores a world of sonics well away from here, and well away from the norm, but that never forget the dancefloor.

EP Opener ‘Edelweiss’ is all synthetic computer blips and fizzes until the rubbery kick lands to start the groove off. Slow, steady and purposeful it grows into a heads down march complete with alien synth sounds and a generally occult, futuristic vibe. The title track ‘Dolly’ is a chunky but just as spare with a catchy, sandpaper groove fleshed out by trilling, plucked and Spanish sounding stings. Actually it’s Dolly Parton’s Jolene, and the country singer ‘s voice soon comes in, sounding like a heat-damaged tape and floating above a wavy bassline. Instant classic.

Finally, ‘Golden Brown’ is a minimalistic, stripped down house soundscape littered with fresh sounds and odd effects. It slowly coalesces into a groove with ghostly voices and an odd melody line ever present.


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