mote039Artists: Mike Parker
Title: Spitting Electricity
Label: Mote Evolver
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: MOTE039
Release Date: April 14th, 2014
Distribution: N.E.W.S. Distribution
A1. Spitting Electricity
A2. Polar Vortex
B2. Ice Fissure

Mote039 comes from New York-based Mike Parker, a producer known for his consistent stream of quality work, whose first release goes back to 1997 and who is the creator of his own language of music.

With Spitting Electricity EP Parker showcases his unique sound of dizzying array of hypnotica warped in metallic swirls. Dubbed with a fitting title to characterize his high-voltage soundscape, the EP is also a nice comeback to Mote-Evolver after his remix for Marcel Fengler’s Thwack Remixes release.

This time Parker delivers 3 tracks that are not only powerful, but also designed to deepen and strengthen almost meditative nature of techno’s outer-end, endlessly evolving with fluidity. The title track is charged with electric sparks buzzing through a hard-edged 4/4 rhythm with unstoppable ebbs and flows of intensity. Following “Polar Vortex” adds even more pressure points and characters, especially with hollowed out deep chorus of voice layering unexpected touch of solemnness. On the B-side is “Ice Fissure”, the longest track of the EP that takes time to render its full force. It’s also the track that’s most core to Mike Parker’s trademark perpetuating spiral vortex, featuring ever expanding ripples across the surface of sound.



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