Mike Shannon ‘Reset, Bleep’

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Artist: Mike Shannon
Title: Reset, Bleep
Cat. #: CYN000
Label: Cynosure Recordings
Format: 12”/ digital
Release Date: 2nd September
A1. Bleep Back
A2. Serge Up
B. Bleep Forward feat. Evan Baggs

Mike Shannon has revived Cynosure Recordings after a two-year hibernation, and its revenge has come with a focus on Mike’s solo productions and Collaborations.
Reset, Bleep puts the label’s catalogue back at 000 and begins to count backwards to where its roots began.

The A1 – “Bleep Back” is a deep bass monster with some definite in your face, morphing wave table trickery. And if Shannon’s latest sets are anything to go by, it is a tried tested and true weapon on the dance floor, one that you’ll find yourself coming back to in your mind.

Following is “Serge Up”, a super dry and crunchy minimal house number produced with the famous Serge Modular system, a rare synth used by producers like Richie Hawtin and Jean Michel Jarre. In the hands of Shannon, this machine has produced some of the weirdest and wildest sound to come out of his studio to date.

Finally we have “Bleep Forward”, an alternate mix of the A1 track. This time Shannon enlists the help of NYC/Berlin badass Evan Baggs. This version leans more towards a futurist sound with an underlying modular bubble and a synth progression that chugs tirelessly forward. Backed with an Aux88 style 808 groove and Ghetto Detroit style bass line, this track is poised to be a regular from Berlin to Brooklyn.



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