Milkplant ‘Time Dilation EP’

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FR0-1_0.019_Milkplant_TimeDilationEP_CoverArtworkBWebArtists: Milkplant
Title: Time Dilation EP
Label: From 0-1
Remixers: Andrei Morant & Sone
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Cat. #: FR0-1 0.019
Release Date: November 17th, 2014 (vinyl), December 1st, 2014 (digital)
Distribution: Complete USA (vinyl), Beatport/Bandcamp (digital)
01. Dimension 4
02. Dimension 4 (Andrei Morant Remix) 03. Spherical
04. Spherical (Sone Remix)
05. Plasmic (Digital Bonus Track)

Seattle/San Francisco based Techno label, From 0-1 issue „Time Dilation“, a 12“ vinyl/digital EP by label director, and co-owner Milkplant (Justin Pennell) of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Andrei Morant and From 0-1 co-owner Sone join in as remixers. Including an endless groove and two locked grooves, this piece of vinyl is meant to be as utilitarian for the vinyl DJ as possible. ‚Dimension 4‘ starts off the EP with a classic big room percussive Techno vibe, closing in an endless groove.
Following is Andrei Morant‘s absolutely punishing treatment of Dimension 4; a tearing lead, and searing percussion point to the main room. Two locked grooves, one percussive, the other synth based close out side ‚0‘.
On the flip side Milkplant‘s ‚Spherical‘ reps a tight „future-retro“ vibe; elements of old Motor City Techno dominate with a bit of grit to keep it dirty. Sone dials in a perfect toned down, more expansive and hypnotic interpretation of Spherical showcasing slowly evolving filters and modulation fit for the wee hours of the morning.
‚Plasmic‘ is included only as a digital extra in this release- tough, noisy, and a little tripped out with a bit of swing to keep them on the floor.
All12“ vinyl jackets are custom screen printed by Bloom Press in Oakland, California, with design curation by label art director, Rubidium. Mastering and distribution by Dietrich Schoenemann of Complete USA.


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