Mintech, Memory Lost ‘Reaktion’

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lr048Artist: Mintech, Memory Lost
Title: Reaktion
Remixers: The Advent, Mr. Bizz
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR048
Release Date: 06-10-2015
Reaktion (The Advent Remix)
Bondage (Mr. Bizz Remix)

The collective talents of Mintech and Memory Lost have found a plethora of inventive avenues to race down with their new release on Loose Records. Since buying his first studio in 2006, Mario Mangiapia has had plenty of time to hone his talents under the name Mintech, delivering on a passion that has held him since childhood. His collaboration with Memory Lost works more than well, with the latter bringing a background firmly rooted in Naples’ vibrant cultural and artistic scene while seeking to bring fresh complexities to the grooves they create. Their original tracks “Bondage” and “Reaktion” are given an extra boost by both The Advent and Mr. Bizz with remixes that only add to the sweet products of their respective talents.

“Reaktion” The bouncing beat stomps through the gates on this track, never hesitating to build with a pallet of old school instrumentals on high energy washes of energetic leap and bounds. Strange and seemingly random effects keep listeners on their toes throughout, but no sound is wasted here, contributing to a catapult of blossoming highs and lows that seek out the unexpected and run with it all to great effect. Bridging fun and invention, the fruits of this labor are sure to reverberate to great acclaim through clubs and events everywhere.

“Reaktion” The Advent Remix – A spacier take on the original track slides between ghostly effects and party-pleasing beats with masterful form, taking off on some intriguing robotics and haunted house-inspired escapades that bring fresh, inventive vision to an already crowd-pleasing base. At the same time, the artists never forget to preserve the drive to make good dance music, delivering a tune that is sure to electrify club scenes everywhere.

“Bondage” The best songs rise around listeners, swallowing them into a world of the artist’s vision,
and the hollow backgrounds that rise up from this track’s intro do exactly that and more. Listeners are lifted into a cool, high hat jam before a froth of distorted backgrounds escalates into seductive female vocals and low tides of haunting rhythms. This multi-dimensional ride both invites and challenges the listener to explore new realms, all before these spiraling peaks drop into some seriously danceable inventions that are sure to please listeners around the world.

“Bondage” Mr. Bizz Remix – A chattering up-tempo reimagining of a surefire hit, Bizz’s remix uses the original track here to step into new, jungle-inspired riffs. The partying spirit at work on this remix begs feet and hearts to race under the spell of this energetic anthem. Never one to settle, this track takes enthusiastic escalations while simultaneously exploring deeper elements, bringing a lot of fun to the complex with disparate elements working together in an incredible harmony that is guaranteed to please a wide variety of tastes.


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