Miriam-Bryant-Finders-Keepers-remix_resizedArtist: Miriam Bryant
Title:  Finders Keepers (Taan Newjam Remix)
Label: 100songs / EMI
Remixer: Taan Newjam
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 19th 2012

1. Finders Keepers  (Taan Newjam Remix)

You all have heard the ”…came out of nowhere” story since the world begun. Still, it is very hard to find a better description for the fascinating and so far short career of Miriam Bryant.

Born as the fortunate result of the love between an English born baker and a Finish born teacher, both having relocated to Gothenburg/Sweden Miriam was gifted with the best of three worlds. 
Her father’s British musical heritage, her mother’s Finish melancholy whilst growing up in the land of POP, Sweden. From an early age Miriam was well aware of her fantastic voice and did the best to nurse her musical talents with an aim to spend her life amongst music. 

Miriam’s story is also the story about one of her best friends from her childhood and teens, Victor Rådström. Victor entered a music education for songwriters and producer’s in the far north of Sweden and in November 2011 he was given the task to create an artist project for the purpose of the education he was attending. Victor needed a strong voice and came to think about Miriam whom he invited for a 2 day recording session. Instead of putting vocals to the songs that Victor already had prepared they both decided to try and write new material for the project. Miriam had at this point in her life, never made an attempt to write a song. Only 4 months later Miriam’s debut single ”Finders Keepers” (100Songs) was spreading waves across the world. 

In the late spring of 2012 Miriam signed a world wide recording agreement with EMI Music Germany and her debut single ‘Finders Keepers’ is now catching fire on radio stations worldwide. With this intensity of emotions she is bringing to her songwriting and performance it is beyond question the future looks more than bright for this 21 years young admirable lady.

At least the more interesting point for you guys is certainly the warm, bass-rolling, slow burning house take that is handed in from Berlin settled dj / producer and label owner of Urbasian Music Taan Newjam that definitely will work magic on the floor with its Wankelmut-like flavour. A really big tune you shouldn’t miss to check out!


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