Mirko Loko Interview

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– Hi Mirko, I’m glad to ask you some questions for Differentgrooves.com
On Saturday June 8th you’ll play again at Il Muretto in Jesolo, Italy with Luciano. What do you expect from the parties you’ll play in this summer season?

As much fun as possible at one of the best club in Italy! It will be my second time there and I’m looking forward to playing and also listening to the Art Department guys.
– Did you remember a Cadenza Showcase you enjoyed in particular?
There isn’t really one in particular, every time it’s a different vibe and I am always with a different Cadenza DJ partner – which is a pretty cool aspect.

– From your Facebook page you revealed you mixed with Cesar Merveille on the next Vagabundos album – can you say something more about that?
I indeed had the pleasure to present and mix the next Vagaboundos compilation with Cesar Merveille.
It is a double CD with two selections – a mix of recent stuff and classics. There are some tracks from the past such as a magic remix from Tenaglia (that will also be re-released on vinyl) and the timeless remix of C2 by myself called “Love Harmonic”.
There are some classics but there are also some modern sounds and recent grooves such as Eduardo de la Calle, Matthew Dear and Radio Slave. That will be released this month.
 – What’s your approach to compose music? Also, what are your main sources of inspiration?
I don’t have a precise idea when I begin a track. One sound overlaps and inspires another one and everything falls into place and shapes like that. I have a different approach to producing than I do Djing. When I produce I focus on the atmospheres and try to materialize my ideas into creating a deep universe and working on small details and textures. I prefer the mental aspect and couldn’t create peak time tracks because I would get bored pretty quickly.
On the opposite when I’m Djing I prefer the energy and the intensity variations. I like to also include an element of relief but in both cases, I never expect what will happen next. I always follow my feelings.

– What’s your studio setup?
I am making my new studio right now with a very new setup. Including hardware and software.

– I noticed that over that past few years you have not release so many tracks. A lot of producers are putting too much stuff out, and a lot of times it makes no sense. What do you think about that?
Everybody has a different approach, in my case, I prefer to release music that I only feel necessary to release.
These are tracks that I can listen in few years and still be satisfied with.

– Do you ever think to publish an album again?
yes ! I have a second album almost ready with some very interesting features inside. – stay tuned!

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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