Mirko Loko ‘Kolor EP’

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imagesArtist: Mirko Loko
Title: Kolor EP
Label: Cadenza
Cat. #: Cadenza101
Format: 12“+ Digital
Release date: 06/04/15
1. Kolor (Original Mix)
2. Kolor – (c2 Remix Part One)
3. Kolor – (c2 Remix Part Two)

The prolific Swiss producer serves up a preview of his follow-up to 2009’s Seventynine LP, complete with two remixes from Detroit legend Carl Craig.

Despite a vintage last few years releasing arguably some of his strongest techno material yet for Cadenza, it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to describe this as a purple patch. In reality, Mirko hasn’t really let the standard drop since he reached the big leagues, with his previous releases spanning the likes of Visionquest, Planet E and Desolat, as well as being remixed by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and Carl Craig.

‘Kolor’ is a sprawling latticework of melodies and textures, which traverses multiple peaks and troughs along its ten-minute journey. At the forefront, a glistening synthline cascades and swells over driving, chuggy bass, whilst splintered techy percussion skitters around.

Under his c2 guise, Carl Craig retains many of the original track’s sonic elements in the first of his reworks. The haunting music box-esque synthline remains, but against a more skeletal beat. Halfway through, a lurching bassline pushes into the fray, giving the track unexpected driving energy.

In Part Two, Craig takes a remarkable about turn, initially eschewing the rhythmic elements altogether and instead deploying a beautiful harmonic canopy of strings and pads over the bassline. He gradually feeds the drums back in, to create a majestic, if not cinematic climax.


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