Misoo ”Red Lights EP”

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Artist: Misoo
Title: Red Lights EP
Label: Drowne Records
Release Date: July, 2015
Cat #:
Misoo – Red Lights (Original Mix)
Misoo – Red Lights (Krenzlin 909 Remix)
Misoo – Transfer (Original Mix)
Misoo – Transfer (Krenzlin & Verona Kramer Remix)

We are happy to present Misoo from italy, who is known for his versatile techno productions. After his huge remix for Marc Troit’s ’1210 Feeling’ he shows up again on Drowne Records with his ’Red Lights’ EP. Coming to light with two original tracks and two remixes by the german techno-stalwartKrenzlin & the austrian techno-mistress Verona Kramer, this release covers many facets of techno.

The title track ‘Red Lights‘ comes up with a short intro, before a sweet offbeat-accentuated groove predetermines the tracks direction. Piercing one-note synthstabs and warm strings reinforce the tracks melodic character and create an uplifting mood! Well placed snarefires make tension, and bright rides enlighten the tracks structure, while classy cowbells remind on days which have been long gone by, but not forgotten!

Follow-up ’Transfer’ starts with bulbous kickdrums, a tonal bassline and driving low percs, which lay the foundation for a unique techno track. Sharp hihats chop an offbeat-accentuation and additional tops start layering to tighten ’Transfer’, while powerful crashes and rides strike at the right time! Propelling percussions back-up the groove while electrifying synths break through the soundscape and bristle with energy before submerging again.

Krenzlin , who is deeply rooted into the infamous Tresor/Berlin, boils it down with his conceptual 909 rework of ’Red Lights’, and takes no prisoners. His rework storms ahead right from the beginning and uses the originals strings and synths to transfer the uplifting mood very well! Tribal percussions clank back and forth while the beloved 909 ride bristles with energy, and confirms Krenzlin’s re-definition as a tune to blow the roof off!

Last but not least, Krenzlin teamed up with Verona Kramer to put hands on Misoo’s ’Transfer’ too. Their remix deploys powerful groove-accentuations and organic percussions alongside nerve-wrecking rhythms. The electrifying synths, known from the original, shove themselves in the foreground and push the excitement to the max, before the remix detonates again!

In conclusion the ‘Red Lights EP‘ comes along as a versatile release for the peaktime hours, and representsDrowne Records love for the complexity of underground techno music. It reaches from melodic techno to unforgivingly hard-hitting rhythms, and leaves space for different moods too!


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