Artist: Miss Sunshine
Title: Revenge/Broken Desert
 Jeroen Search & Patrick Bateman
Label: Tic Tac Toe Records
 Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: TTT032
Release Date: Digital April 1st, vinyl March 13th, 2013
Distributor: Prime Direct Distribution
1. Revenge
2. Revenge (Jeroen Search Remix #1 – vinyl only)
3. Broken Desert
4. Broken Desert (Patrick Bateman Moving On Remix)
5. Revenge (Jeroen Search Remix #2 – digital only)

Tic Tac Toe kicks off the New Year with the return of Croatian talent Miss Sunshine. Despite her name, the lady’s sounds are dark and dubby, grey and moody, and have come on labels like Frucht, FVF, LCSeries and upcoming releases on KMS and Coincidence until now, whilst this package comes backed with remixes from the label boss himself, plus techno veteran Jeroen Search. The EP starts with ‘Revenge’, a shadowy techno track that snakes on a dusty, night-time train track through clouds of fog and desolate warehouses. It’s an oppressive affair that really works its way under your skin with no big hooks or sharp edges, instead plenty of subtle production. The first remix from Jeroen (vinyl only) is much faster and more overtly minimal in the style of a Robert Hood production, with weird melodies and alien sounds racing along the face of the track from start to finish. The next original ‘Broken Desert’ is a long and pensive track with soundscape synths, otherworld ambiances and the general feeling that you are flying through deep dark space as it plays out. A firm kick underpins searching synths, cosmic winds howl in the background and it’s as hypnotic as you like. The same track in the boss’s hands gets fattened up and has a more prominent drum line laid underneath all the swirling effects, but is just as hypnotic as the original. Closing out another forward looking EP is a final digital only remix from Jeroen of ‘Revenge’. It canters along like a techno horse with bouncing kicks and clipped chord stabs adding some colour and intensity to the groove as scratchy surfaces and analogue sounding textures hide in the background.


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