Ka§par “Sisyphean Rage”

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After many months Midnight Shift is ready to publish “Sisyphean Rage” by Ka§par, a release totally infused by raw and analogue based sounds.
“Ravisher” take us back in the good old days, delighting our ears with a cool combo of techno and house elements: a particular attention has been payed to the melodies, and to support that also the bassline isn’t monotonous but dynamic and follows different patterns.
On the flip “Let Me Be” goes darker and the non 4/4 rhythm helps to express the atypical mood of the track. Kirk Degiorgio remixes it but going to an opposite direction, and implementing bright and warm instruments it’s difficult to perceive the mood of the original piece.

Midnight Shift – January 11th 2015

A. Ravisher
B1. Let Me Be feat. Jerry The Cat
B2. Let Me Be (Kirk Degiorgio Instrumental Remix)
(Digital Bonus) Let Me Be feat. Jerry The Cat (Kirk Degiorgio Vocal Remix)



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